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BOX-24-FIT is a unique Ladies only Boxing for fitness experience in Rotherham!

BOX-24-FIT uses traditional boxing training methods and techniques to provide  a full body workout that really packs a punch !

BoxFit & Boxing circuit classes,  also 1-2-1 Boxing training 

to help enhance fitness and skill levels.


Ladies only Boxing for fitness, Boxing Circuits & BoxFIT classes!

Boxing 1-2-1s

Sarah Hawley is a Licensed England Boxing coach and Hatton academy elite level 3 trainer.

Private 1-2-1 sessions offer boxing skills, boxing fitness and boxing strength.  

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BoxFit is a low impact - High energy workout that incorporates bag work, pad work with a lot of emphasis based on boxing. BoxFit is the best stress buster there is! And great for weightloss.

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BoxFit Circuits

Boxing Circuits is a high intensity workout based around boxing drills. Explosive movements and cardio to get the heart pumping! Excellent fat burner class with some weights thrown in too.

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